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Emily Mangione

Florida State University is one of the most recognized colleges in the state and an excellent choice for students to further their education. With over 70 thousand applicants yearly and acceptance rate of 32.5%, this university is a prestigious school located in Tallahassee, FL. To find out more about FSU continue reading the article below.

Founded in 1851, Florida State University has become a top college to attend for high school graduates all around the state of Florida. FSU is located in the state Capitol, Tallahassee, and has a beautiful campus. All the buildings are red brick which goes back hundreds of years and makes the campus such a special place to spend your college years in. The school is mostly known for being a research university with other programs specializing in criminal justice, biology, political science, business and law, statistics, and chemistry.

The SAT score to get accepted into FSU is anywhere between 1240 and 1390 and with an ACT score of 27- 32, and a GPA of a 4.1- 4.5. FSU is a challenge for most students to get into, but it is worth the lengthy application process and stressful days of waiting for an answer to the question “Did I get in?” 

Former Plant High student, Emily Surak, is currently attending FSU as a junior, and furthering her academic career.

“Being an FSU student is hard to describe, it is just like this feeling or vibe of being at a second home for me. The students and community are just amazing to be around, and the professors really care about giving us a good education,” Surak said.

The campus buildings consist of the mentioned historic red brink that tells a story of the hundreds of thousands of past students that have graduated from the same grounds as the new students are on now. However, the outside hardly compares with how much knowledge and learning is gained on the inside of the buildings. Students spend hours, with the guidance of their professors, preparing for their future and doing everything in their power to make sure they succeed.

“My advice for students applying to FSU would be to show your true personality and values in your admissions essay. Also, apply for the Summer C term! It is a way easier transition to start in the summer because you take fewer classes and campus is not as crowded as it is in the fall,” Surak says. 

FSU is home to bowling alleys, a movie theater, numerous club sports, four radio stations, two TV stations, and many more ways to let students become involved with the school and make it feel like their home away from home.

Located on the campus is the well-known football stadium, Doak Campbell Stadium, multiple workout gyms, lecture halls, dining areas, dorms, green lawns, and outdoor seating. A fun fact about FSU is that it is the only college in the United States that has a circus. The Flying High Circus is a unique way for students to take extracurriculars in the tent to learn juggling, acrobatics, and more unique skills.

“I picked Florida State University because of the community,” Surak said. 

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