Bucs set to play regular season game in Germany


Bucaneers Instagram

As the Bucs get ready to play their 2022 season rumors have it they could play it in Germany. The Bucs 2021 season ended when they lost in the conference championship. Photo taken from @Bucaneers on Instagram

Every team in the NFL has agreed to play at least one game in Europe every eight years. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have committed to playing a regular-season game in Germany for the upcoming season. Set to be played in Munich as a part of the NFL’s international series.   

They will be the first to play a regular-season game in Germany. The opponents and date of the game are yet to be released but are said to happen sometime in 2022. The game will occur at the home stadium of one of Germany’s best soccer teams, Bayern Munich.    

The Buccaneers have only played three games internationally, and all of them have been played in London. It has been reported that from those games, there are tons of people traveling from Germany to watch.    

The Buccaneers are not the only sports team set to play a game internationally. The Arizona Cardinals will be playing in Mexico, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, and the Green Bay Packers will all play in London.