Harry House: coming soon


Emily Mangione

The unreleased album, Harry’s House, will be available for fans to listen to on May 20th. Hopefully, Styles will release more singles, like “As It Was,” to help fans pass the time spent waiting. To learn more about the latest news involving the album release continue reading the article.

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Three years after the release of Harry Styles’s previous album, “Fine Line,” the singer/songwriter announced the date of his new album. On May 20, 2022, Styles’ third album titled “Harry’s House” consisting of 13 new songs, will be available for fans to delve into and enjoy. While writing the songs for “Harry’s House,” Styles has been busy creating new products for his cosmetic company, Pleasing. 

However, many fans anticipated this announcement because a mysterious Instagram account that Styles follows has been posting pictures at the same time every day of clues to what seem like hints for the new album. The pictures are easter eggs that Styles is trying to make fans figure out the meaning behind. The account is currently verified by Instagram and has over 800,000 followers. It was proved last Friday that some of the pictures posted had something to do with Styles’s new single, “As It Was.”

The new single also came with a music video which broke the record for most Spotify streams in one day. The first day “As It Was” was released, it earned 8.3 million streams, which passed “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo, currently holding 8 million in one day. 

Due to the release of the new single, Styles has appeared on numerous radio shows but unfortunately has not released a lot of hints on the upcoming album. As usual, social media is full of conspiracies and people’s thoughts on what the album will sound like. However, these are all guesses since Styles himself is only leaving vague clues. 

On March 23, Styles published a trailer and picture for the upcoming album which gave viewers a look inside to what the vibe of the album is going to be. The picture, which we are assuming is the album cover, is all pale colors and looks very calming. This could indicate that some of the songs will be slow and more laid-back. But knowing Styles, there will be surprises that everyone is not expecting. 

“I am so excited for the new album, Harry’s House,” Sophomore Gianna Valenti said. “The first single released, “As It Was,” is very catchy and upbeat. I am thrilled to see what the rest of the album has to offer. Make sure you stream Harry’s House May 20th!”