Olivia Rodrigo’s road to the Grammys


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Olivia Rodrigo makes it to the Grammys for her debut album. Read about her journey here.

Olivia Rodrigo is one of the most popular singers of the year. She did not start with singing; she began in 2015 when she starred in an American Girl doll movie when she was 12. From 2016 to 2019, she played Paige of Bizzarvark, which began her Disney career. Shortly after Bizzarvark ended, she got the lead on the High School Musical spinoff, High School Musical the Musical the Series (HSMTMTS), which started her singing métier.   

She wrote a song called “All I Want” for HSMTMTS, making it on the Billboard 100. This was Rodrigo’s first original song to be produced, and her career shot up from there.   

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there was not much from Rodrigo until, in Jan. of 2021, Rodrigo released her first song in her album, “Driver’s License.” Growing faster than she could have ever imagined within the first week of being out, “Driver’s License” topped the charts on Jan. 11th. Not only was it fast it lasted, Rodrigo’s song stayed at the number one spot for nine weeks and was creating history.  

On April 1, she released her second song on the album, “Déjà vu.” She charted at number eight, making her the first artist to have two debut singles in the Billboard Top Ten. Her third release was “Good 4 U,” and it was her second song to hold the number one spot on the Billboard 100; Rodrigo was breaking records left and right.   

Then she released the complete album titled “Sour,” with all 11 songs on the record, making the Billboard 100. “Good 4 U,” still holding the number one spot.   

With the success of her very first song, “All I Want,” people expected great things from Rodrigo, and she delivered. She announced her first tour shortly after being nominated for seven Grammys.   

The Grammy’s took place on April 3 of this year, where Rodrigo won not only her first Grammy but her first three. She won best new artist, best pop vocal for her album “Sour,” and pop solo performance for her performance of “Driver’s License.”  

Already being amazing on its own, she completed all of it before the age of 20.