Order on the court


Kate Friar

The Plant tennis teams made it all the way to states. They worked hard all year and worked together to meet their collective goal.

The success of the Plant High School Tennis team has been flying under the radar. The team has caught the attention of the student body as they made it to the state competition this past week after beating Steinbrenner. They have pulled together this year to win with players in every grade level.

Alyssa Rodriguez, a senior, explained what life was like playing tennis for Plant. “Being on the Plant team is so much fun, it’s like another family.” She added how the coaches “encourage us to push every limit we have.”

States are a big deal for anyone on any team; for the seniors, it means even more. Amaya Tiozzo said, “Being at states means so much to me and it shows how much we have done as a team to get there.” Another senior Sofia Sanchez said “this past season has been one of the most exciting seasons because we had lots of new players on the team, I was able to meet and play with. I also had an amazing time winning districts and regionals.”   

Plant was eliminated in the first round but may be able to use the momentum to continue this winning trajectory next year.

“In future years on the team I’m excited to get to meet the new players and see how far we go each year” said sophomore Lauren Sershen.

Many of the players agreed that the journey to get to states wasn’t easy. Jack Satterfield who is new to the team, only being a freshman, said, “we were third district in the state, our regionals were relatively easy, and we did not lose a match.” Even through the hard times they still had an enjoyable season “it was the first time the Boys Plant tennis team went to states in around a decade.”