NFL triumphs over college football

Robby Killette, Online Editor in Chief

Most fans prefer to watch either professional or collegiate football. Both have their defining pros and cons, but it comes down to personal preference. I personally enjoy all levels of football, but professional barely sneaks out as my favorite.

The skill level that the NFL players have over college players is a reason I prefer the pros. All games are full of talented players and are mostly fair games. Some players better than others, but only a select few have the ability to play past the college level. When you watch a college game, there might be four or five NFL caliber players on both teams combined.

The NFL’s schedule is much more fan friendly than the NCAA’s. There are entertaining games three nights a week. NFL teams play four more games than a college team does during the regular season.

Even when the regular season is over there’s always something NFL oriented happening. There’s the playoffs and the Pro Bowl in January, the Super Bowl and the draft combine in February, the draft in May, training camp throughout the summer and the preseason in August. The NFL keeps their fans busy throughout the year.

The NFL tops college football simply because of Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football brings a group of fans together to compete, have fun and most importantly trash talk.  There are not many things that are as highly anticipated throughout the year. Fantasy Football might be bigger than the NFL itself.

There have been multiple alumni to play at both levels. Currently, there are three former Panthers in the NFL: Orson Charles of the New Orleans Saints James Wilder Jr. of the Cincinnati Bengals and Aaron Murray of the Kansas City Chiefs.