Spring/summer fashion trends 2022


Kennedy Gilbert

Hopefully, these looks will serve as inspiration for the upcoming season. Whether, it’s a mini-skirt, white suit, or strap dress one of these looks will be the one for you!

Kennedy Gilbert, Staffer

  1. Pleated Skirts: They aren’t for everybody, but if you want the flowy skirt that breezes by as you walk down the street, this is ideal. This item is perfect for a tennis match at Palm Beach or if you want to meet up with your girlfriends for lunch by the water.   
  2. Liquid Metal: Get your shine on! You’ll be like a star or a shimmering sun. It can be gold, silver, pewter, and metallic. However, be aware that not all the pieces are environmentally fit.   
  1. Super Sheer: This trend is an exciting one, mainly because of the hot temperatures melting all of us down this summer. Although, it can be a little risky since it can be slightly transparent.   
  1. Ultra-Mini Minis: Now, don’t get me wrong, these are short, short. However, when it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s worth it to wear it. You could accumulate these skirts in various colors and switch them out each day.   
  1. white Suiting: Surely, this one doesn’t come as a shock. Stark white has always been a favorite, especially to sport on the sandy beaches. Although, the suit is a little more surprising. But it adds a sleekness that no one knew they needed.   
  1. Accessorized Legs: If you’re the type of gal that always wants to draw attention to your legs, but in a new way. Then, this is the right trend for your tights, scarves, ripped-up trims, and hosiery are all exciting to incorporate into the wardrobe.   
  1. Stap It Up: Anything with straps is entering summer fashion. These types of pieces resemble bikinis, so it makes sense why this might be seen around the streets.   
  1. Highlighter Yellow: Yellow is a fitting color, but bright neon will take this hue to an extreme. Wearing it from head to toe makes the outfit even more powerful.   
  1. Netted Knits: If you want to look like a little mermaid or resemble something straight out of the sea, this is the outfit! Anyone can dress a knit down for a day out or dress it up for an elegant dinner by the ocean.   
  1. Hyper Feminine: This one will be a favorite; it allows every girl to embracing their flower child side. Colors like pastel pinks, greens, yellows, blues, lacy white, and rosy hues will give a new definition of Chic. The lightweight fabrics will make you want to dance around like a playful ballerina.   

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