Top colleges in Florida: The University of Florida


Emily Mangione

The University of Florida is a well-known choice for senior students trying to decide where their next step is for their future. With an acceptance rate of 31.1%, UF is difficult to get into, but with arduous work and diligence it can become a possibility. To further your knowledge of the University, read the article below!

Emily Mangione, Staffer

Located in Gainesville, Florida, consisting of a 2,000- acre campus, and more than 900 buildings make up the outside of gator nation, otherwise known as the University of Florida. UF is fifth overall in public universities in the nation. UF is known for its programs specializing in research, business, engineering, biological sciences, marketing, psychology, the medical field, and law.  

UF is a challenging school to get accepted into, as only welcoming around 6,000 students out of the over 60,000 applicants. The criteria to attend the university is rigorous, but not impossible with some hard work and diligent studying. The average SAT score for UF is anywhere between 1290 and 1460. Continually, the ACT score the university likes to see is at least a 27. However, even if someone gets accepted with a 1290 on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT, it places them below average in all their classes. So, it is a good idea to study for the major tests that reflect where your future leads and do everything in your power to obtain a higher score.  

Former Plant student Maya Gonzo, now a junior said, “Before you start applying your senior year, shoot for some leadership positions. That really goes for any school. Grades and test scores still have their importance, but schools love seeing that you are capable of leading others because it is very valuable in the real world.” 

Applicants need to be exceptional in academics to become a Florida gator. With an average GPA requirement of 4.42, and an acceptance rate of 31% students must be above-average in their high school classes.  

Gonzo said, “I knew UF had the best value in terms of cost while also being a prestigious school that would challenge my abilities. I was also drawn to the culture of a large state school because I knew there would be many opportunities for me to get involved and find my people.” 

The in-state tuition for UF is about $6,380, while the out-of-state fee is anywhere around $28,658. The university campus is home to 26 residence halls for the students to move into and live in while they are getting used to college life.  

Sports is a major part of the history, culture, and foundation of the University of Florida. From basketball to football, the school is known by many for its athletic program and by the energetic student section cheering on their beloved team. Game days are full of parties, everything orange and blue, food, and good times all around! 

Being the number one university in the state of Florida provides students with hundreds of programs to excel in, leadership opportunities, creating breakthroughs in research fields, and preparing the foundation of a successful future for developing young minds.