Hillsborough School Kitchens


Sienna Harrison

Everything you need to know about Hillsborough School Cafeterias and who to thank next time you get cookies from the Plant Cafeteria.

Sienna Harrison, Staffer

With all the hard work, and waking up early to prepare free breakfast for all the Hillsborough School students, school lunch ladies should be given a reward. You may not see the lunch ladies around because they’re working hard to fill our stomachs with quality food. More than half of the students in Hillsborough County bring their own lunch everyday, if the students would  try the food, they would keep coming back for more.

 The school lunch has a variety of options (healthy and unhealthy),  it’s based upon standard portion product guidelines and variations of serving sizes and/or ingredient content may occur.Nutritional information is provided by manufacturers and USDA, and is subject to change periodically.Lunch meals are very affordable, only $2.25 for elementary, and $2.75 for middle and high school.You could only get a drink at a restaurant for that much money. 

Everything they make is made the day of, so all the food is fresh. The menu changes constantly, so you get the opportunity to expand your diet. The food ranges from all different cultures, you might be eating pizza one day, and a cuban sandwich the next day. If you’re not hungry for a full meal there are snacks you can buy as well.

“We get to Plant High school early, to make free breakfast in the morning, and then prepare lunch everyday. A menu gets sent monthly to us so we have time to prepare,” – lunch lady at Plant High School  Gisselle Roquv. As of this year CEP schools in the Hillsborough district, will get free breakfast and lunch without having to fill out a “ Free and Reduced” lunch form to start the school year. Non CEP schools will get free breakfast but must fill out a “ Free and Reduced” lunch form this upcoming year. 

Hillsborough school kitchens have very rigorous cleaning schedules. Every surface is sanitized multiple times a day. They also adhere to strict guidelines concerning food temperatures and food safety. Mort Elementary School and many other schools in the Hillsborough  district  contribute extra food to families outside of school. Working in a school cafeteria is a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of students and plays an important role in creating a positive school environment.