The Unfiltered World of BeReal


BeReal is the newest photo-sharing app that has gained popularity over the past couple months. An app where you show whatever you are doing when the notification goes off.

Giada Moralejo, Social Media Manager

Two minutes and counting, no filters, no planning, just posting once a day. BeReal, the new raw social media app, is gaining traction.  

One of the newest photo sharing apps, gives people a new look on what social media can be. Once a day you get an alert to post what you are doing no matter what and share it with your friends. “I love the honesty that is associated with BeReal that often lacks in social media,” says Junior Anne Marie Lynch.  

While the app was released in 2020 it didn’t start getting attention until early 2022. It has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few months topping the charts of Apples App Stores “best free apps” category. People found an appeal in straying from the basic idea of social media. There is no scrolling to no end, if you haven’t posted for the day, you can’t see other people’s posts.  

When the notification goes off you pick up your phone and take a picture with your front and rear facing camera at the same time. Mariah Thompson, a Junior, explained “my favorite part of BeReal is the random notification that goes off. It’s really exciting to jump up and take a picture,” letting all your friends know what you are doing in the moment.  

BeReal gives you a break idea of posting the “perfect” picture and gives you a chance to just be real.