Swim Meet vs Robinson


Bella Johnson

Plant Swim Team circles up for their pre-game chant.

On August 30th, the Plant swim and dive team completed their first meet of the season against the Robinson Knights.  

Prior to the meet, seniors on the team reflected on the fact that this was their first meet of their last season. Most reflected on their best memories from being on the team. 

“As a senior, I’ll miss me and Neil going to Dunkin Donuts while everyone else did practice” senior Boss Brandon said. 

The meet started at 6 pm, at the Bobby Hicks Swimming Pool, where the team regularly completes practice. 

“I was so excited to do the first meet of the season, everyone’s spirit is super high” junior Milla Kelly said. 

The meet began with the 200-medley relay race, which was the first of 24 events. In addition to this being the first meet of the season, it was also Coach Katherine Roy’s first year being head coach of the team.  

“Coach Roy is super organized and helpful” junior Addi Hollenbeck said. “She was on top of everything, and she helped the team bond.” 

Halfway through the meet was the 500, which is 20 laps of the stroke freestyle. Junior Hayden Heim won for the Girls Plant Swim Team, and Joao Lapagesse won for the Boys Plant Swim. 

“I can’t believe we won both of the 500 events” junior Libby Maddux said. “It was super cool to be able to win not only one, but both.” 

The meet ended at 8:00 p.m. and both teams, Girls, and Boys, won overall, beating the Robinson Knights.