Schedules with Saturn


Looking to share your schedule with friends? Download Saturn!

Looking to share your schedule with friends? Download Saturn! Saturn was created in 2018 to help high school students manage their time in a fun way. While currently 14th in the social network, Saturn continues to impress. Saturn is connected to Snapchat so all you must do is sign into your Snapchat account, making sure that the app is easy to join.

Saturn automatically puts you in your school depending on your location and phone number, Saturn has many features that Plant High students love. For example, on Saturn you can chat with your class and talk about what someone may have missed in class that day. Plant’s favorite Feature is being able to see the exact amount of time left in a class period rather than having to ask your teacher. Most friends send each other their schedules at the beginning of the year, right? But who is going to remember those now, while on Saturn, students can see each other’s schedules whenever they want.

Freshman Meghan Burstiner explained “My friend sent me the link at the beginning of the year so we could all know where we were at whatever part of the day so that’s why I joined it.” So Far 1,000 Plant students are on Saturn meanwhile, a little over 100 students are joining every day. “So far I like the app Saturn because it connects me with all of my friends and their schedules,” Burstiner said.  

Click the link to join!