Met Gala Themes


Ellianna Valkenburg

The Met Gala is one of the most famous fashion events in the world! But some themes have proven more successful than others.

Ellianna Valkenburg, Staffer

The event of the year, The Met Gala. In which the most famous people of our time put together extravagant pieces for viewers’ enjoyment! While some years seem to take people’s breath away, from celebrities sticking to a theme to costume-like outfits that most people could only dream of… other years aren’t as successful. Some pieces shocked the world with their beauty and creativity, while others were less exciting. Even with the range of themes, there will always be one more memorable than another.  

When questioned about the most memorable Met Gala theme, Sophomore Carmen Rivera stated, “My favorite was 2018 Heavenly Bodies because a majority of the outfits stayed on theme, and it gave designers a lot of options and creativity on the outfits.”. The 2018 Met Gala theme remains the most loved and talked about. From constant posts on social media to references to that year, people can’t seem to get enough of Heavenly Bodies. The intricate detailing and creative takes on different religious elements seem to have struck a chord with people worldwide. Staying in the minds of people years later. Sophomore Dania Hassan agreed, saying, “I liked the theme Heavenly Bodies the most because people got super creative, and all the outfits ended up being gorgeous.”   

Of course, after such a successful theme, people expected nothing less than the best. However, it’s sad to say that’s not what people got. “My least favorite met gala theme was probably Gilden Glamour, not because the theme was not good, I just think it was a bit too specific, so people who didn’t completely understand the era and fashion were left without very much room for interpretation, which led to looks that came directly from the most recent fashion shows like what Sebastian Stan wore from the Valentino AW22 show,” stated Junior Sophia Serrano. Themes like Gilded Glamour left viewers unsatisfied and disappointed, causing social media to boom with critiques and outfit ideas! With the enormous budget and endless creative access celebrities have, they would be expected to have the best pieces every year. This, however, is hardly true. Since the last Met Gala, thousands of teenagers have created outfits head and shoulders above anything seen at the event!    

Some Met Gala themes have been revolutionary, a prominent example being the 2018 Met theme Heavenly Bodies. In more recent years, Met themes have not been as impressive. Some examples are the 2021 Met theme In America: A Lexicon of Fashion and the 2019 Met Camp: Notes on Fashion. Themes such as Camp: Notes on Fashion had the potential to be amazing but were not executed on the celebrities’ or designers’ end correctly. This ended in pieces that did not fit the theme or didn’t make sense. However, some years’ themes gave very little hope from the beginning. Themes such as In America: A Lexicon of Fashion were confusing and left everyone with little to no ideas. This left attendees of the event to wear American designers. Overall, leading to an anti-climactic Met Gala. The Met Gala has been hit or miss as far as themes, leaving people to wonder and theorize what theme will be next! Sadly, however, until next year, the past Met’s will be all we can judge… for now.   

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