Best Restaurants in Tampa Bay


Molly Hill

Bella’s, on Howard Ave. is a great choice if you want quick and incredibly kind service and yummy Italian food.

Tampa Bay has always been a hub for exquisite entertainment, drinks, and arguably most popular: food. Everywhere you turn in the city has some sort of restaurant for any genre you may be looking for. Below are some of my personal favorites and why I like them.


A very popular choice, but for good reason. Fresh Kitchen is very healthy and delicious and every time I’ve gone there, the service has been quick, easy, and admirable. I like the choices they present you with and it leads to you wanting to come back to try more. The only problem I have with it isn’t directly related to the food at all: the establishment is both very popular and very tiny, and most times I’ve gone there parking has been an issue. However, if you can find a good place to put your car you are in for a rightfully prominent Tampa restaurant.


Bella’s is directly across from Fresh Kitchen and I have gone there since I was little. It is a pretty spacious Italian restaurant and while not perfect, has always been one of my favorites. I usually order the spaghetti there and every time it is top-notch. The menu has a large variety and everything there is great, from what I’ve had. The service is noteworthy and all of the staff is incredibly nice. Parking holds it back again because it shares a parking area with multiple other stores and it can be pretty expensive. But it is definitely worth a try if you are in the area.


Went here very often because my older sister used to work here. It’s another restaurant I don’t really see people talking about but I love it. Their menu has a lot of variety, so I would think that there’s something for everyone. I really recommend the truffle macaroni and cheese and fries. Service is quick, it’s another small establishment so parking might be a little difficult, but that’s all I can think of. Definitely worth a try if you’re near the Bayshore area. 

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