Grey’s Anatomy vs. Criminal Minds


Ellianna Valkenburg

Two of the most popular and well-known TV shows go up for debate on which one’s better. The contestants? Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds!

Anyone who watches Television knows that two of the world’s most popular shows are coming back, and the argument about which is better is extraordinarily strong! Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds have been on screen for many years. They are collecting more and more viewers with every season and episode released. But which endless show do watchers like the most? Is the psychological mystery of Criminal Minds enough to take first place? Or is the whirlwind medical drama Grey’s Anatomy the winner of people’s hearts? While both shows have ups and downs, one show seems more popular than the other.   

Sophomore William Baker states, “I liked Criminal minds because I enjoyed the suspense and action, it also has a good storyline, but each episode has its own plot.”. Criminal Minds provides an ‘edge of your seat’ experience that will leave any viewer wanting more. Along with the ‘edge of your seat’ experience, criminal minds provide people with the comfort of being able to jump around episodes without missing out! Junior Dagny Sammis states, “I prefer Criminal Minds because each episode has a different storyline, and you don’t necessarily have to watch it in order to understand what’s happening.”.   

While Criminal Minds has its fair share of lovers, Grey’s Anatomy has its own set of ‘super fans.’ Sophomore Emmerson Grabill voices her love for Grey’s Anatomy by stating, “I prefer Grey’s Anatomy because it’s the absolute best show ever! It’s super interesting, and I’m in love with all the characters!”. Getting sucked into a show and creating a personal connection with each character is a part of the TV show experience. This is especially true for those watching Grey’s Anatomy. The intense drama makes any viewer feel the whiplash of emotions with the characters. Whether finding out the truth about somebody’s past or the outcome of extreme surgery, the theatrical portrayal of the doctor’s life will leave everyone wanting more!   

Both drama and intensity-filled shows were sure to attract big audiences from the second they were released. So, it’s no surprise they have been going on for so long, and both shows have accumulated their share of lovers. While both hit shows come with their list of pros and cons, it’s clear that both are deeply loved by people worldwide! In saying that there will always be one show preferred over the other, the universal love for both shows makes this argument a heated one! Especially for the hard-core devoted fans! As new seasons are released, I’m sure we will hear which show continues to capture the hearts and, most notably, the attention of its audience.