Why are the Buses Late


Daniel Beccue

Photo of the school buses, found on Pixabay by Ernestoeslava.

Ever since the school year started, the school bus program has been showing up late. Their tardiness ranges from 10-30 minutes after the bell has rung. When looking back we can see this consistency of late arrivals is uncommon for the bus drivers, as they have only been late a handful of times.  

Sophomore Haley Ruttle, a 2-year bus rider, says, “Yes, it has been constantly late. I have not been on time for school since it started.” Constantly arriving late to school can really affect the student’s grades. Imagine regularly missing up to half of your math period. Think about how far you would fall behind.   

So why is this happening now? Being a bus driver is more than just driving a bus. Memorizing routes and finding which roads to take are all big parts of being a bus driver.  

Ruttle also states, “transportation services changed the schedules over the summer and set them too late, and it’s impossible for the bus drivers to do it all in time.” She adds, “it’s a mixture of poor routes and the fact that transportation services didn’t set enough time for the teacher to efficiently get students to school on time.”  

For context, the transportation services supply safe routes for the drivers to follow; if those routes aren’t sufficient, who is really to blame? With the new year just starting up, it’s understandable that there might be some problems, but do you think it’s acceptable if the transportation services aren’t able to get the schedules out? Overall, the problem should be resolved in the following months and hopefully, students will be able to get to school on time.