Crumbl Cookie Review


Sophia Gray

This week the theme was minion! The flavors consisted of Dirt Cake featuring Otto (the Minion), Minion Confetti, Mooncake, Yellow Sugar, and Banana Cream Pie!

Alexandra Gillen and Sophia Gray

If you haven’t heard of Crumbl Cookies by now, I don’t know where you have been but let me describe them to you. They became popular from TikTok, as most things do nowadays, and were stampeded with business from all sorts of age groups. Part of their popularity stemmed from their unique process of changing the “line-up” of cookies each week, which inspired people to keep coming back. I was a victim of buying these cookies, which were not cheap, let’s just say that, until my mom cut me off! This was until I saw they had a minion week, and my mom and I jumped in the car to make our 20-minute drive to the location and got our party box of cookies. This week they had: Dirt Cake featuring Otto the Minion, Minion Confetti, Mooncake, Yellow Sugar, and Banana Cream Pie.


Dirt Cake Cookie

We started off very strong with the Dirt Cake cookie; it was everything I expected and more! The details of the printout of Otto on top down to the chocolate rocks on top were stellar. The taste was delicious; it was a rich chocolate cookie, almost similar to a chocolate fudge brownie while remaining true to the dirt cake textures. The only points I would dock this cookie would be for the sole fact that the printout of Otto was NOT edible!

Minion Confetti

Next, we sampled the Minion Confetti; this one was exactly what you would expect and, in my mind, tasted just like the ones you could get at Publix. Therefore, when biting into the cookie and then thinking about the price point, I was, to say the least, not very pleased, and for that, I would say it disappointed me, but I did eat it, so do with that what you will.

Mooncake Cookie:

Then we moved on to the Mooncake cookie, and you might be wondering, what does a mooncake have to do with the minions? I would respond to this: I have no clue, but we tried it. As I bit into it, I had no idea what to expect, and I still had absolutely no clue when I was tasting it! It was just a cookie. I didn’t know what the flavor was or anything, so I was underwhelmed.

Yellow Sugar:

Yellow Sugar, I was excited about this one because I knew what to expect! As mentioned previously, I had a short addiction to Crumbl cookies and would always get their Pink Sugar Cookie and loved it! If you haven’t caught on yet, they just made the icing of their Pink Sugar cookie yellow for Minion week, so… I loved it!

Banana Cream Pie:

Finally, the one I was dreading the most… Banana Cream Pie. When I saw it, bought it, and then ate it the next day, my expectations were on the floor. First of all, I despise bananas, and the texture, when cutting into it, solidified in my mind that I would hate it. And sure enough, I hated it! My only reaction was to spit it out; the entire cookie was soggy yet congealed simultaneously; I can’t say enough negative things about it.


Dirt Cake Feat Otto:

This was by far the best cookie from the week. It tasted just like a chocolate fudge brownie, which was perfect for a chocolate lover. The icing was not too soft, and the cookie did not fall apart easily. The chocolate rocks on top were a nice crunch to an overall delicious cookie. And including Otto on top made it all the better. Everything was perfect, the amount of chocolate in the batter, the icing, and the texture, so the final rating on this cookie is a 10/10!

Minion Confetti:

Personally, this cookie was not my favorite. There was nothing wrong with it, but nothing stood out. Eating it after the Dirt Cake cookie also has to do with my lack of enthusiasm. It tasted like a classic sugar cookie, but not a memorable one compared to the Publix sprinkled cookies. The yellow and white sprinkles were a fun twist, but again nothing made this cookie stand out. So, if you are craving an ordinary cookie, which sometimes is all you want, then I would order the minion confetti cookie. 6/10


This was definitely the worst cookie from the week. I was expecting it, for some reason, to be filled with marshmallow fluff, and it took me by surprise when I tasted artificial cherries. It honestly tasted like cold medicine to me, which I could not stand, and the texture of the cookie just fell apart whenever you tried to hold it. Compared to the rest of the cookies from this week, it is a 3/10

Yellow Sugar:

Like the minion confetti cookie, The yellow sugar did not stand out to me. It was the classic pink sugar cookie; just instead of pink icing, the cookie had yellow icing to go along with the Minion theme. It wasn’t a bad cookie like the moon cake. It just tasted bland and nothing too exciting, so just like the minion confetti, it is a 6/10

Banana Cream Pie:

This was the most controversial cookie from the week, but personally, I loved it. The cream’s texture was a little weird, but you just had to look past that. I wouldn’t say I like banana-flavored food, but this cookie wasn’t screaming artificial banana flavor, so it was pleasant to eat. The cookie itself had a very soft texture, but it didn’t fall apart when you tried to pick it up and eat it, so overall I rate it 8.5/10

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