Dak Prescott Suffers Hand Fracture


Dak Prescott, star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboy’s, out after the first game

Cowboy’s star quarterback, Dak Prescott, suffers hand fracture in season opener.

During the Dallas Cowboy’s home season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a promising season came crashing down after star quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a hand injury. In the fourth quarter, with a score of 19-3, Prescott’s right hand hit linebacker Shaquil Barrett while making a pass. This impact caused a fracture in his throwing hand, a nightmare for all the Cowboys team and their fans.

In an interview after the game, Prescott said “the injury was much cleaner than it could have been.” Prescott is no stranger to injury, as he had a severe knee injury a few years ago, a pedal ankle dislocation in 2020, and recovered from a shoulder strain just last season. He missed 11 games in the 2020 season because of a fracture and dislocation in his right ankle. He is predicted to miss 6-8 games this season because of the hand fracture.

Owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones comments that the injury is” above the thumb, back behind the joint,” and Prescott also noted the damage is” much cleaner than it could have been.” Still, this is a significant setback for the Cowboy’s offense. Considering this happened during the season’s first game, it is hard to predict if this will hurt their chances in the playoffs. With Prescott on the sidelines, backup quarterback Cooper Rush will need to have a breakout season. Rush signed with the Cowboys from 2017 through 2019, then went to the Giants in 2020, only to return to Dallas that same year until the present. He has only played in 10 NFL games since 2017 but will likely be the new starter for the Dallas Cowboys.

Prescott says,” It’s very disappointing, but injuries happen… But I’ll do what I’ve always done any time adversity comes: Take it on headfirst. And I’ll give my best, and I’m sure I’ll come out of this thing better.” Although this will set back the Cowboys, Prescott is no stranger to adversity. With the surgery as soon as possible, he will likely be back in 2 months if his recovery goes as planned. For a more in-depth analysis of this injury and how it will affect the cowboys, click the link below.

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