Nostalgic Disney TV Shows


Emily Mangione

Disney Channel’s original TV shows shape the childhood of millions of kids worldwide and bring smiles to their faces while watching the 30-minute episode. Although the shows have changed dramatically over the last decade, the former shows are still available to watch on Disney Plus.

For all those born in the early 2000s, you experienced the popular 2010s Disney Channel TV shows. We did not have social media as the kids do now, so we would spend our time playing outside and watching TV. Disney TV shows shaped our childhood and are still watched, even years later. Many shows were airing over those ten years, but I have broken down some of the most entertaining and nostalgic ones. 

  #1- Liv and Maddie 

Starting in 2013, Liv and Maddie was one of the most popular Disney shows that lasted four years in the making. Liv and Maddie was based on two twin sisters who were complete opposites and living out their teenage lives. Liv was a Hollywood movie star who, throughout the show, was cast into films and pursued a singing career. On the other hand, Maddie was a star athlete who won many championships in basketball. Fans followed the girls growing up and the many ups and downs throughout high school. Liv and Maddie also included catchy songs written by Liv that were performed sporadically in the episodes.  

#2- Jessie  

The top- rated Disney Channel show, Jessie, captured kids’ attention for many years. The show was about a young woman moving to New York City hoping to reach her dream of becoming an actress. However, along the way, she ends up working as a nanny for one of the wealthiest families in the city. While the kids are very rambunctious and always keep Jessie on her toes, she becomes a member of the Ross family due to her loyalty and kind demeanor. 

#3- Good Luck Charlie 

This classic Disney Channel show starred the Duncan family, a family of six, as they learn to adjust to their hectic life. Good Luck Charlie is about the big sister, Teddy, making video diaries for her baby sister, Charlie, to watch when she gets older. The point of Teddy making all those video diaries is to give Charlie advice for surviving her teenage years in their crazy family. Good Luck Charlie follows the storyline of all the members in the family, from going to prom, graduating high school, first relationships, a new sibling being born, and many milestone moments throughout the family’s life. 

#4- Austin and Ally 

Austin is a struggling pop star with a fantastic voice. Ally is a songwriter with stage fright performing her songs. Together Austin and Ally make a remarkable duo where Ally writes all of Austin’s songs for him to perform. By the show’s second episode, Austin is already an internet sensation. The Disney Channel show, Austin and Ally, follows their lives as they both rise to stardom and eventually end up in a relationship. One of the many reasons this show was so popular was because Austin performed a brand-new song in almost every episode. So not only did Austin and Ally have a good plot, but it also consisted of hit songs that made it even better and worth your while to watch. 

#5- The Suite Life of Zach and Cody 

The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, starring Cole and Dylan Sprouse, is the oldest show on this list. First released in 2005, the hit Disney Channel TV show even got a spin-off series because of its popularity called The Suite of Zach and Cody on Deck, where it filmed the main characters attending Seven Seas High School on a boat traveling around the world. But before that, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody was about twin boys living with their single mom in a 5-star hotel in Boston. In every episode, you could always count on Zach and Cody to get themselves into some kind of trouble, which viewers always find entertaining and an easy laugh. 

Senior Bella Mangione said, “My favorite Disney Channel show is Good Luck Charlie because I grew up watching this show every day after school when I was little, and I feel like it has shaped who I am today.” 

The Disney Channel shows airing now are just not as good as the original shows. One reason might be times are changing, and so are the TV show ideas, or maybe all the good ideas were taken so early on that it is a struggle now to produce exciting content for viewers to watch. There are so many more shows that are worthy of making this list. Some extra ones that are just as great are Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Girl Meets World, That’s So Raven, and many more. These shows changed our childhood for the better, and it is always fun to go back and watch an episode to remember how happy they made us as little kids and the impact they had on our childhood. 

Below is a playlist from songs in these Disney shows

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