Fall Trends


Lizzy Breen

Does Florida really participate in fall? Do the high temperatures contradict the warm pumpkin spice drinks? Students at Plant have differing opinions about whether or not Tampa should follow fall trends or patterns.

Fall trends have begun to creep back into society in preparation for the coming months. But is it truly fall in Florida, where average temperatures stay around 80 degrees? Students here at Plant had differing opinions on whether we should take fall trends seriously. One of the most popular fall trends is Starbucks drinks, like pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple macchiatos and pumpkin cream cold brews.  

“I think they do make sense even though the weather in Florida doesn’t really match the drink. They can still make us believe we have a fall season.” 

Freshman Katherine Butler is a fan of these drinks. Though not practical in her opinion, she enjoys the sense of fall from something as simple as a drink in the mornings. Though I enjoy the fall season and the feeling of warmth and coziness it brings, I don’t think fall trends match Florida’s temperatures or tourist-attractant heat. My grandpa, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, travels down to Florida every fall through spring to escape the cold and snow. I find it comical that many of us try to make fall a more prominent season while most northern travelers come down here to escape their serious winter climates and weather patterns. Most fall fashion statements are also popular in Tampa. Even with our higher temperatures, many teens that go to Plant like to match the seasonal style trends. Certain fall staples, like turtlenecks and long pants, are not as practical in Florida, but many students at Plant like to be involved with changing seasons. Senior Sophia Gray says,  

“I like wearing sweaters because they’re comfortable, and I love seeing flavors change to pumpkin spice instead of regular, normal flavors.”  

However, Gray also realizes the impracticality of Florida fall trends.  

“Since Florida doesn’t really have a fall season, the only way to feel like I’m part of it is by wearing fashion that relates to it. Autumn is my favorite season and I want take part in fall trends even if we don’t really have that season in Florida.”  Says Gray. I appreciate her acknowledgment of the lack of cooler temperatures but still participating in all the fall season styles and trends. Though I love the autumn season, Florida should make more tropical autumn season trends that we in Florida can relate to. 

Click the link below for Starbucks fall flavors!