Strawberry Crest Vs Plant Football


Bella Johnson

The Varsity football team and the Plant Cheer team celebrate after a 17-0 victory over the Strawberry Crest Chargers.

On Monday October 3rd, the Plant Panthers Football played the previously postponed game against Strawberry Crest Chargers. The kickoff was at 7 pm at Dad’s Stadium. 

“It’s going to be a great game; we are going to do great” senior Darrion Jenkins said. 

During the first half, Strawberry Crest had first possession of the ball, but punted a couple plays after. Plant’s quarterback of the game was Trey O’Malley. The ball was punted back and forth for the first and second quarters, however a big defensive play was made by cornerback, number 15, Antoine Bailey at the 1.00-minute mark of the second quarter. No points were scored during the first half. 

“The team and the players are dawgs” sophomore Cody Rubio said.  

At the start of the second half, Plant had first possession. Wide receiver, Jaquez Kindell, had a punt return touchdown and kicker, Maddox Cowart, was good for the extra point. About ten minutes later, O’Malley threw a touchdown pass to running back, Waltez Clark.  

Finally, during the fourth quarter, Plant’s defense held the Chargers to 0 points the entire game. During the last few minutes, Cowart kicks a field goal, putting the final score at 17-0, Plant.  

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