Favorite Underrated Halloween Candies


Lizzy Breen

Halloween is rapidly approaching, with stores and candy shops preparing for the day of tricks and treats. Not everyone gets their favorite sweet, as many think their favorite candy is overlooked and underrated.

Lizzy Breen, Staffer

Halloween candy is a largely debated topic for students and October fanatics. During this month, candy shelves are cleared out for the anticipation of trick-or-treaters on the night of the 31st.  Some students, believe certain candy is over-hyped and prefers some of the less purchased treats. Junior Emily Azevedo thinks Airheads and Jolly Rancher candy should be passed out more than it is.  

“I think Airheads are so underrated on Halloween. You get a good amount of candy that lasts longer than chocolate candies like Hershey’s or Kit-Kats. And Jolly Ranchers are so overlooked, they are so good. More people should pass them out.” 

Azevedo says. Another divisive candy is the infamous Almond Joy. Manufactured by Hershey’s, this candy consists of coconut shreds, topped by almonds, and covered in chocolate. For years, kids have argued for and against them. Some think they’re the worst, and others think they’re the best. Sophomore Alexis Richards is in the minority, believing Almond Joys are overlooked on Halloween.  

 “No one likes them, but they probably have never tried them. Everyone just says they’re bad because that’s what they hear. But Almond Joy is so good. People should try them before they say anything bad about them.” 

Richards implores. She believes the bad rap of Almond Joy is undeserved and wishes more families would buy them to pass out to trick-or-treaters. This way more kids can try them and see how much better they are then what they’ve heard.  

“Dots are fire. People should pass them out so I can get more on Halloween, they’re so underrated.”  

Sophomore Max Gillen says. Like Azevedo, Gillen thinks his favorite candy (Dots) is underhyped and parents should pass more out on the 31st. Whether students agree or disagree with these opinions, everyone has one sweet treat that they wish was distributed more. Many of us are anxiously awaiting the final Monday of October, when everyone’s favorite and least favorite candy is up for grabs.  

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