Top 10 Comfort Movies


Bella Mangione

The article Top 10 Comfort Movies describes personal favorite films that never get old. The movies talked about come from many different decades and involve a diverse number of actors and actresses.

#1 13 Going on 30 

13 Going on 30 is a movie that never gets old, mainly because of how relatable it is. Everyone, when they were younger, dreamed of being older and having the ability to drive, have their own house, and be independent. This movie addresses every kid’s wishes but also shows them the consequences of being an adult. For example, throughout the plot, the main character (Jenna) has to endure having no real friends, being cheated on by her coworkers, and seeing the man she loves get married to another woman. Because of these adverse side effects of being an adult, the message of enjoying life where you are is conveyed to the audience. 

#2 Little Women (2019) 

The remake of this movie is my favorite because it involves famous actors like Timothee Chalamet and actresses like Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan. Also, in the movie, the audience get to see the sisters’ (Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth) friendship grow and evolve as all of their lives experience changes, including marriage, death, and love. Furthermore, since this movie takes place during the Civil War, watchers are able to see the different expectations of everyone, primarily women. For example, when Jo -one of the sisters- goes to sell one of her stories to a local newspaper and the man says to have the female character marred or dead by the end. This shows the standards for women at that time, where if you were not married, you served no purpose in society. Throughout the plot, Jo fights this belief by becoming a writer and a teacher who primarily focuses on teaching girls, including her three sisters, how to read and write. This story includes a powerful message showing girls that they are worth much more than society expects. 

#3 Princess Diaries 

In this film, an ordinary 15-year-old girl (Mia Thermopolis) is told by her grandmother (Queen Clarisse) that she is a princess and the future heir to the throne of Genovia. The plot of this movie focuses on how Mia navigates the problems thrown her way, including finding out which people are only friends with her for fame, struggling to learn how to be a princess, and finding love while in the public eye. Throughout the movie, the audience sees Mia grow through these challenging times and become a better person because of them. 

#4 We Bought a Zoo 

This is one of my favorite movies because of the plot and the way it starts dark and sad, but the family it involves ends up closer than ever. This film is about a father and two kids whose mother just died of cancer. On a whim, the father buys a house with a zoo on the property. It is through the experience of taking care of these animals and meeting the staff that has been maintaining the property when it was for sale that the Mee family begins to recover from their loss. They start to make new relationships with the remaining staff. 

#5 Pitch Perfect 

This is a very lighthearted movie where a girl named Becca goes to college because her dad made her, but by joining an acapella team called the Barden Bellas, she could branch out and find where she belongs. This movie sticks with people, especially kids in school, because, at one time or another, everyone feels like they don’t belong. This movie portrays this as a girl who thinks she is made for something different but gains a whole new meaning behind her passion for music by trying something new with people she hasn’t met before. 

#6 You’ve Got Mail 

This movie is from the 90s, and it portrays a love story involving feuding bookstores in New York. The owners of these stores are unknowingly messaging each other online, which eventually leads to their relationship as a couple by the end of the movie. The two main characters are played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who are two of the most famous actors from that time. In this movie, all seasons in New York are shown as the plot moves through the stages of their relationship, and this is very calming to see the leaves green in the summer, orange in the fall, the trees bare in the winter, and back to green in the spring. 

#7 When Harry Met Sally 

This movie is before You’ve Got Mail, and it also has Meg Ryan (Sally) as one of the main characters who also falls in love but this time with actor Billy Crystal (Harry). This movie is similar to You’ve Got Mail because it is a rom-com; however, the plot of this one is different because while they are friends, neither one of them are interested in dating the other. Also, it is interesting because Harry’s character is very doom and gloom, while Sally is very optimistic and fun-loving. This movie also goes through all of the seasons in New York, which emphasizes how long Harry and Sally were friends before they became a couple. 

#8 Mamma Mia 

The movie Mamma Mia takes place on a fictional island called Kalokairi, which plays a significant role in the plot. On this island, a mother (Donna) raises her daughter (Sophie) without a father because the relationship was over before the pregnancy was known. It isn’t until Sophie finds her mother’s diary from when she was pregnant with her that she realizes she has three possible fathers. Since Sophie is getting married soon, she sends for them to come to visit Kalokairi, pretending to be Donna. Once the three men arrive, they find out Sophie’s age matches up to their relationship with Donna. This sparks some fighting until the wedding, when all the men agree they want to be a part of Sophie’s life, and Sam professes his love for Donna. This movie is fantastic because of the beautiful views from the little island in Greece, and the style of living Donna and Sophie achieved without a husband/father present in their lives. 

#9 Mean Girls 

Mean Girls is exactly what it sounds like. The movie focuses on a toxic friend group (The Plastics) that rules the school. One day the new girl (Cady) is asked by the Plastics to sit with them at lunch for the rest of the week. This is when the friendship grows and turns Cady into one of the mean girls. However, Cady made friends (Janice and Damien) before the Plastics, and they gave her the mission of destroying their friendship the way they ruin everyone’s lives. This movie is very entertaining to watch mainly because of all the drama involved in all of the cliques in the high school. Furthermore, Cady learns the valuable lesson of who her real friends truly are and why popularity is an insignificant part of her high school experience. 

#10 10 Things I Hate You 

The plot of this movie is about a high school girl (Kat) who everyone is scared of because of her attitude and demeanor. Meanwhile, her sister (Bianca) is fun-loving and very popular. The girls’ dad, however, is very strict and will not allow them to go to parties, go on dates, or drive with anyone besides each other. However, once the father sees how anti-social Kat is, he makes a new rule that Bianca can date when Kat does. When hearing this, Bianca takes it upon herself and her friend Cameron -who has a crush on her at that time- to find any guy in the school willing to date her sister so she can go to the dance. Eventually, they find Patrick, who is the school daredevil. They pay him to take out Kat; however, they end up enjoying themselves and becoming a couple by the movie’s end. This movie is comforting because it shows the idea that there is someone for everyone, no matter your personality. 

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