New Crumbl Location


Mia Carper

The Crumbl box has text on the side of their cookie box statin “nom” repeatedly. This is what you will receive when you order or pick up your cookies from any Crumbl locations with their flavors of the week.

Mia Carper, Staffer

Everyone loves cookies, whether that comes to flavors ranging from the classics, like chocolate chip, or the complex, creative flavors combined in one. Crumbl Cookies is a top-rated source to get the perfect treat, and a new location is soon opening to the public, directly next to Plant.  

Every week, it’s something new, so the owners pop in a new and creative theme to keep it entertaining and the guests intrigued. There have been themes like minions, flavors based on different seasons, unique and eccentric flavors like banana cream pie, classic chocolate chip, or going as extreme as Kentucky butter cake. This top-rated place has an increasing rate of customers returning as they create new flavors and come up with upcoming themes.  

When you step into cookie paradise, you get hit with a whiff of the breathtaking smells from the kitchen and the bakers preparing the cookies right in front of you behind a giant glass window. They not only sell delicious cookies but also offer a diversity of desserts, including ice cream, pies, cakes, candies, and of course, cookies.   

After a long, stressful day with teachers picking at your brain, long tests every week, or hours of homework, going to Crumbl can take your mind off your stressful tasks throughout the day. With the new location on South Dale Mabry, you can expect many locals, or tourists, to enjoy one of their delightful desserts.  

Opening in October from 8 am- 10 pm, expect to see lots of customers, and you have a chance to be one of them. Step inside cookie heaven and look for yourself. 

To find out about this weeks flavors, click the link below!