How to Make, or Join a Club


Daniel Beccue

A group photo of the members of the Plant High School Film Club, at their first meeting of the year. This photo includes some of their members and Sofie Gray, Ian Stiger, and Arshan Farsali.

Plant High school is home to over ten clubs that make up the school’s extracurricular activities. So how can you start your club, and better yet, what is a club? A club is a student-organized school group. It begins when a student proposes an idea for a club to the school; after that, the student must find a teacher to sponsor them. Finally, after all the paperwork is done, the group officially becomes a school club. 

 Because clubs are student-run, a club president is chosen to manage the club; Normally outsourcing all their tasks to other members forming a council. Ian Stiger, Treasure of the Film club, states, “As Treasurer, I collect all our dues, and I authorize any spending that we make, including the ink that we need for printing T-shirts or club T-shirts.” 

 On top of weekly meetings, clubs can even hold their school events. These events can bring a lot of culture to the school, giving students more opportunities to get out there and try new things, the most notable being the relay for life festival and the winter dance organized by the school student council. Arshan Farsali, President of the film club, explains, “Like for, we’re trying to do a film festival later in the year to celebrate student film creators.” Clubs have always been a big part of school life, giving students something to look forward to throughout the week.  

Sofia Rodriges, Member of the Film club, adds “You know, it’s a good way for you to come out of your social zone and just try and talk to others.” Coming out of your social bubble to meet new friends can be challenging. Between trying to live up to social expectations and being in those awkward teenage years, everything can seem so much bigger than it is. But clubs provide a judgment-free area; Henceforth, Arshan says, “It’s such a fun way to connect with other people in the school about stuff you love like film.”  

Overall, clubs let students connect over shared interests. If you are too lazy to create your own, you can join one by filling out a form online and submitting it to the club you wish to join, or you can show up to the meeting, and they will let you in. Who knows, you could be the person to change someone’s life.