What is the student council doing for YOU?


Daniel Beccue

This is a photo of a group of students on the homecoming court last year

Whether you have seen them in the halls, on a poster, or on a friend’s story, I am sure you have heard of the student council. But what are they doing, and better yet, what is the student council?  

The student council consists of 4 roles, President, Vice President Secretary, and Treasure students’ campaign for. Like our actual government, you and the rest of the student body vote for who you want in “office”—as for their roles, being president means planning out school events, leading assemblies, and overall guidance to the student body. Treasurer oversees their financial matters, along with the Vice president and secretary, who work closely with the president and help wherever needed.  

Furthermore, they are directly involved with the planning and managing of school events, including the Panther Prowl, spirit week, and the homing coming dance. Senior, Madeline Maney President of the eboard section of the student council, explains how, they all share the responsibility of making office deliveries, etc. On top of that, they all generally focus on planning school events. To add on, Madeline Maney also says, “It’s so much fun being part of the decision-making for school events like spirit week, pep rallies, and preparing for prom and homecoming.”  

With that in mind, what have they been doing to accomplish those goals? Even though covid regulations still stand, the student council has been fighting to shift the school back to its pre covid norms. In fact, through their efforts, they have brought back spirit week, prep rallies, and panther prowl, which were previously banned last year. Madeline Maney also states, “we were able to bring back the prep rallies and panther prowl because of our dedication to gathering participation from different services clubs, bring back first Fridays after they were canceled last year…” The student council has demonstrated incredible leadership by bringing all these separate clubs together. At any rate, hopefully, we might be back to everyday life by the end of the 2nd quarter.  

Alternatively, in the past year, homecoming was lacking, to say the least. Held in a white tent in the school parking lot. To quote some participants, last year’s homecoming was “cramped” and “unorganized.” Granted that covid was at its peak and the student council was under strict regulations, it makes sense that it might be challenging to create a successful dance. 

But regardless of what happened last year, the student council has been working hard to pick up the slack of their predecessors and make a fantastic night for the student body to enjoy. Although they are focused on closer events like Panther Prowl, they have already decided on a location and how they plan to make things more efficient than last year.