Candle Pour Review


Bella Mangione

Located towards the small fountain and the back of Bartaco, Candle Pour offers a unique experience that is worth trying out. Candle Pour is a great option to consider when hanging out with friends because of its charm and style when it comes to entertaining its customers.

Candle Pour is a small business located in Hyde Park. Its purpose is to help people make custom candles based on their favorite scents. When you walk in, there is a long table that takes up the majority of the room. To the right, there is a “scent wall” containing every candle they have made, which vary in scents from “Bacon” to “Gardenia.” 

At this wall, you will be handed a clipboard containing every scent on the shelves. If you go now, they have seasonal scents like “Christmas Tree” (my favorite), “Autumn Leaves,” and “Tis the Season,” which are temporarily on the list of scents on the clipboard. First, you start smelling the candles and circle the scents you like on your paper. The staff said it is best to pick your top 10 and star your absolute favorites among the scents already circled. 

Once you have finished smelling the different candles, you will sit at the large table, where you will begin composing your candle. Here you are asked to pick the container you want to hold the candle. Options include single, double, and triple wick containers and clear, black, and pink (which is seasonal for Breast Cancer Awareness month). I chose a single-wick, black container. 

Once you have chosen your container, you begin picking out your top 3 to 4 favorites out of the many scents you have circled. Once you pick your top choices, the staff will give you these bottles; inside is a fragrance oil that you will test smell both individually and together to ensure the scents blend well together. 

After you have decided on your combination of scents, you will begin making the wax combination that will make the candle. You will be given a small cup to hold your blend of oils, and very slowly, you will begin pouring in different amounts of these fragrance oils to ensure you get your desired scent. 

Once you have filled the small cup, the staff will bring you the container you picked out with a solution filled the majority of the way up, and when you have your custom scent completed, you will pour in the oils and begin to stir until you are told to stop. Once you have been mixing for a while, you will be given a sticker. Here, you can pick out a name for your new custom scent. This sticker will be on the bottom of your candle when it is finished. Senior Olivia Bagulho adds, “I loved being with my friends and seeing how strange their favorite smells were.” 

When your candle is complete, the staff will take it and tell you it will be ready as early as the next day, but you have up to a week to come to get it before it is thrown out. 

The prices of building your candle are $32 to make a classic candle (single wick) -which is what I did-. A 2-wick candle is $42, and 3- wick candle is $58. Also, as stated before, they have the pink Breast Cancer Awareness candle for the month of October; this 2- wick candle is $50. If you decide to make a reservation because you have a large party, you will be expected to put a certain amount of money down as a deposit and pay the rest when you finish making your candle. 

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