Pitbull Can’t Stop Us Now Tour Review


Luka Vaicekauskas

On October 18th Pitbull, known as Mr. Worldwide, made his way to the Amway Center in Orlando, a second to last stops in his tour Can’t Stop Us Now. Performing with DJ’s and Iggy Azalea, he performed his most famous songs and left the crowd filled with seratonin.

After driving two hours to Amway Center in Orlando on a Sunday, my experience at the Pitbull Can’t Stop Us Now Tour concert was worth the road.  

On October 18th Pitbull, known as Mr. Worldwide or Mr. 305, made his way to the Amway Center in Orlando, a second to last stops in his tour Can’t Stop Us Now.  

Iggy Azalea warmed the crowd up with her ionic singles as ‘Fancy’ and ‘Problem’. After Iggy’s performance,  Globalization DJ’s took over and kept the crowd entertained with classic Reggae and other well-known songs by best-selling artists as Cardi B and Nicky Minaj. But while the concert was set to start at 8pm, Pitbull himself only arrived on stage at around 9:30pm.  

With a breath-taking entrance, Pitbull started his concert with ‘Don’t Stop the Party’, followed by ‘Hotel Room Service’ and ‘International Love’. 

What specifically stood out to me in this concert was his interaction with the crowd- after each song, he simply stood for a couple of seconds absorbing the ambiance of the crowd. He too gave speeches and shared his life story and journey with his spectators. This really unified him with the crowd and created this positive and family-like energy in the arena. This was different to me, as the last concert I attended- the Weeknd Hours After Dawn- was a truly breathtaking experience, but it lacked that interaction with the crowd and that unifying feeling you expect to sense at a concert. 

Another thing that stood out to me is that the main motto of the concert was not to listen to Pitbull, but party. Not only was the concert well planned- with intervals for the artist to take quick breaks and change, but the crowd was too entertained with party bangers such as Pepas. I completely lost my voice, but had the best time.  

The concert sets were also memorable- with visual effects such as fire, smoke, and ending with a confetti dump. On the screens, old YouTube video clips were projected, as most of Pitbull’s songs are collaborations with other artists.  

Pitbull too shared about his educational career, and how he did not graduate high school, but has donated money to build the Miami SLAM school, and too brought a student who professionally danced hip-hop on stage.  

Pitbull left the crowd full of emotions and concluded his performance in Orlando with his iconic motto: 

This for everybody going through tough times; Believe me, been there, done that; But every day above ground is a great day, remember that.”