Teacher and Coach in One?- Mr. Seckar


Mia Carper

Featuring Mr. Seckar with a countdown of 12 days till the next game. You can see him on the field, coaching our players through the game with constructive feedback and pieces of enthusiasm.

Mia Carper, Staffer

Coach Dane Seckar, also known as Mr. Seckar, is one of the coaches of the plant high school varsity football team, and also manages to teach 9th and 10th grade geometry. How does he maintain to do it all? I found out some answers by interviewing this multitasker and to share his secrets.  

Mr. Seckar, how many years have you been coaching? 

“At plant, this is my second year. Overall, it is my sixth.” 

Is it hard teaching education and football all at once? 

“It’s not hard, it’s just time consuming.” 

Have you coached other sports before? If so, which was your favorite? 

“Football is my favorite, I also coached wrestling and track in the past.” 

Compared to teaching junior varsity, if you did, and varsity, which do you like teaching better? 

“It’s not that one is better than the other. Junior varsity, they have a lot more stuff to learn, and it’s rewarding to see how much kids can grow. Between one and two years, you can see a tremendous amount of growth. On varsity, kids are already athletic and knowledgeable. These years are more refining, JV is more about growth. Varsity is about refining and taking what is good and making it greater.” 

This coach also has experience and loves football because he played it in his high school years. He explains how he played for three years at Plant and won state championships. As if that wasn’t enough, he also got accepted to play at USF. Today, his goal is to teach his players to follow in his footsteps and give it their all, and remember, “don’t be trash.” To watch Coach Seckar in action, come to the plant games with the tickets below.  

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