Mayor’s Youth Corps


Sofia Butell

Mayor’s Youth Corps is an organization with the goal of increasing the participation of youth in the community. Members of MYC take part in service opportunities, get hands on experience with city government, and learn leadership skills.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

In November of 2003, an organization called Mayor’s Youth Corps was created to assist the youth in getting involved with our city government. MYC is available for ninth-11th grade students, where they are given opportunities to get involved with community service, leadership roles, and learning how to have a voice in city roles. The MYC brings students to interact with city government officials. For example, program members get to participate in volunteer opportunities, watch city council meetings, and learn more about how the city of Tampa functions. 

Junior Sofia Butell is on Mayor’s Youth Corps and says, “The main goal and purpose of MYC is to create a direct connection between the City of Tampa youth and the mayor as well as provide experience working with city officials. Additionally, the Mayor’s Youth Corps seeks to recognize the contributions made to the City of Tampa by its youth.” 

MYC is a yearlong commitment starting in January and continuing until December. The applications were already due, so the competitive process to earn a spot in the program has begun. The application consists of a series of questions to answer in about 3-4 sentences, writing personal contact information, a short essay answering the provided prompt, and at least two recommendations from non-related adults. Furthermore, there is a face-to-face interview with the MYC representatives, and a parent must accompany the nominee to the location.  

The mission of the MYC is to provide leadership opportunities to the youth, instill a trait of civic responsibility while working with the city government, provide hands-on activities of service for the city and citizens, etc.  

Butell said,” My favorite thing about MYC is the opportunities and experiences I have been given that most of my peers have not. For instance, I have been able to ask a question to Chief Mary O’Connor, sit in on two city council meetings, and attend multiple Open Forums with Mayor Jane Castor. Also, the benefits of MYC on the community are that it provides hands-on service to the City of Tampa citizens through the community service members partake in over the summer and sporadically throughout the year. Some examples are the volunteering opportunities at Trinity Café, Feeding Tampa Bay, and the Community Food Pantry.” 

MYC is a unique organization that teaches the youth of Tampa many skills they can apply later in life in their career path. Youth involvement in the community is an issue MYC is striving to promote by getting students to participate in more activities to benefit the city government. This program leaves an impact on many youths from the Tampa Bay area while at the same time creating a better community for residents to live in.