Remembering Peter Roset: Smart Student with Sweet Demeanor


Ava Satterfield

Freshman Peter Roset passed away Friday, Oct. 28. A memorial mass is scheduled at 4 p.m. today, Nov. 3, at Christ the King Catholic Church. All community members are welcome to attend the mass.

Freshman Peter Roset impressed friends and classmates with his intelligence and kindness. A son, a brother, a Boy Scout and a good friend, Roset passed away Friday, Oct. 28.  

“He was such a sweet kid,” senior Abigail Weber said. “He was 10 times smarter than me, and he would always help me with my electronics and teach me cool things about technology. He loved anything electronic. I also used to bake with Peter’s sister at their house all the time, and he would be the taste tester for our baked goods.” 

Roset was involved at his church, martial arts group and was a member of Boy Scouts Troop 53. He served as Troop Guide in Boy Scouts and was pursuing his Eagle rank.  

“Peter was such an amazing young man,” Boy Scouts leader John Sanders wrote on Roset’s memorial website. “It was such an honor to have Peter as one of my scouts in Pack 25 and watch him grow in his scouting career. He always brightened my day at every meeting and camp out.” 

Peter’s friends described him as caring and very intelligent.  

“I sat next to Peter in Spanish, and he was always super nice,” Freshman Abby Bucey said. “I’ve gone to school with him for a few years, so it’s weird to not see him in class anymore. He will be missed.” 

Joshua Marr, Roset’s English 1 teacher, said he was an attentive, bright student.  

“He sat next to my desk, and he was a good student, always knew what was going on,” Marr said. “I liked to have him read because he had a really great voice.” 

Dozens of students gathered at the flagpole this morning, as Plant’s First Priority and Fellowship of Christian Athletes held a prayer. Students are encouraged to reach out to school counseling for any help. 

Roset is survived by his parents David and Margaret and his sister Kathleen. 

A memorial mass is scheduled at 4 p.m. today at Christ the King Catholic Church. All community members are welcome to attend the mass.  

Additional information about Roset and his memorial mass:

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