Celebrity Halloween Costume Breakdown


Emily Mangione

Halloween 2022 is gone so it is time to break down the best and most unique celebrity costumes. From cute couples costumes to horror and bloody, the celebrities posed from the pictures looking incredible.

Harry Styles as Danny Zuko 

As Harry Styles rose to the stage during his Harryween show on his tour, he shocked an area packed with thousands of fans with his costume. Styles dressed up as Danny Zuko from the classic movie “Grease”. He dyed his hair black and added sideburns to resemble the character better. Furthermore, he wore the iconic leather outfit from the 1950s. Styles’ band also continued the “Grease” theme by wearing costumes resembling those from the movie. 

Kendall Jenner as Jessie from Toy Story 

As always, Kendall Jenner was dressed in an unforgettable outfit that put a modern twist on a childhood movie. This Halloween, Jenner’s costume was Jessie from “Toy Story”. As most celebrities did, Jenner had multiple costumes for different days. After she was Jessie, she wore a cucumber costume. This costume’s meaning is that she went viral for the way she cuts her cucumbers in the hit TV show, “The Kardashians”. Dressing up as what the internet makes fun of you for is a creative way to stop the hate. 

Emma Chamberlain as the Shining Twins 

Emma Chamberlain’s 2022 Halloween costume was memorable for two reasons. Chamberlain wore the outfit as one of the twins from the classic horror movie, “The Shining”. Not only was the costume precisely like the one from the film, but the other twin was also her mystery boyfriend. Chamberlain has been seen dating singer/songwriter Tucker Pillsbury, also known as Role Model. The couple had never gone public on social media until she posted a picture of their couple’s costume. In the photo, she was holding his hand, and viewers can see the tattoos on his arm and the matching dress to Chamberlain’s.  

Riverdale Girls as Hocus Pocus 

Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart wore another iconic group costume for this Halloween. Last year the friend group dressed up as the Power Puff Girls; this year, they were the Sanderson sisters from the famous Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus”. Petsch was Winifred, wearing a purple slip dress and a vibrant corset. Mendes dressed up as Mary, wearing a plaid skirt and laced-up top. And Reinhart played the role of Sarah while wearing a red velvet skirt and cape. It has become a tradition for Riverdale fans to look forward to seeing what Petsch, Mendes, and Reinhart come up with for their creative costume every year.  

Shawn Mendes as Indiana Jones 

Shawn Mendes nailed his costume this year because he looks similar to the character in real life. Mendes dressed up as Indiana Jones for Halloween. He wore an unbuttoned ripped green vest, safari hat, army boots, and a satchel, and even had special effects makeup of cuts and bruises on his face. 

Senior Bella Mangione said, “My favorite costume this year was Emma Chamberlain’s because I grew up watching her YouTube videos, and she dressed up as one of the characters from “The Shining”, which is one of my favorite movies.” 

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