Plant Senior Commits to Stanford


Sophia Gray

Senior, Grace de la Torre, poses with her Stanford crewneck. After a long, tiring process, De La Torre finally committed to a school to continue her athletic and academic career.

Plant senior coxswain, Grace de la Torre, recently committed to Stanford Women’s Crew team to continue her athletic career in rowing. De la Torre talked with many coaches, and after careful consideration, she signed with Stanford University.

Q: Why did you start rowing?

A: “I started rowing in seventh grade after switching sports from volleyball and wanting to become more active. I actually was very against it in the first place and quickly fell in love with it.”

Q: What made you decide to try and be a coxswain?

A: “I had been a rower for two and a half years at this point. As a much shorter person, it made it harder and harder to keep up with the rest of the women on the team and I sat in the coxswain seat for a race for the first time and never left. I was extremely lucky that I was able to pick it up quickly and I wouldn’t be where I am now if my teammates didn’t affirm me and trust me as a cox.”

Q: What is your favorite tradition with Plant rowing?

A: “My favorite tradition with Plant High rowing is either throwing the coxswain in the river if winning first place, or the banquet we have at the end of the year that honors each senior with an oar and a speech for them. It’s a great way to mix the hard work the sport is with some fun!”

Q: What are you most excited for with Stanford Rowing?

A: “I’m most excited to be with the team at Stanford. Not only are they all pro-athletes, but all of them have such a passionate work ethic for both their sport and their education. I can’t wait to join such a great family.”

Q: What was the hardest part with the recruiting process?

A: “The hardest part with the recruiting process is definitely the length and second guessing yourself. You are competing with people you have no idea about not just around the country, but the entire globe for many months if not years. It’s definitely disheartening to interact with rude coaches that view you just as a business transaction, but it’s definitely worth it when the payout is going to a school that really loves you for you and not just your accomplishments. Stanford was great at recruiting me not just for my skills, but also character. I found such a good fit and I’m so grateful for it.”

Q: Any advice for other athletes in the process of getting recruited?

A: “My advice to anyone who wants to get recruited or just go to a great school is be yourself. It’s extremely cliche but trust in your gut about your personality and skills and it will get you to a place that will love you for you. You spent 4 or more years at an institution and it’s worth it to find a place you love and are comfortable to not only be an athlete, but study exactly what you want and how you want!”

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