Order of Gold and Black


Lizzy Breen

The Order of the Gold and Black is one of Plant’s oldest and most prestigious honor societies. Teacher sponsor Derek Thomas and Vice President Anna Kadet are looking forward to an upcoming induction ceremony on November 9th.

The Order of The Gold and Black is one of the oldest honor societies at Plant, and recently the senior class was given the opportunity to apply. Decisions on who was accepted to be a member came out, which included 32 of the applicants total. Teacher Derek Thomas is the teacher sponsor of The Order of the Gold and Black, with President Luke McLaughlin and Vice President Anna Kadet.   

“The application goes out to any senior at the beginning of their school year, and it’s a pretty extensive application. It awards points to all the activities that students do during their time at Plant High School. Whether they’ve been in music, band, chorus, or sports, anything they’ve done essentially, we then will go back in and add their GPAs, report cards, service hours and all that comes together into this application that they can submit,” Thomas says. 

Students will be formally inducted into the society soon and celebrate their accomplishments as a Plant student.   

“It’s holistic, and in order for it to be fair, the numbers spread across are the same for everyone. It’s more of an honor than an honor’s club, really. We just honor the kids who have contributed the most through their academics, service, and involvement in the school,” Thomas explains.  

With the help of his President and Vice President, Thomas is gearing up for a highly anticipated induction ceremony, which will be held Wednesday, November 9th. This will be the first induction ceremony in over 3 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“At the induction ceremony, each member will be introduced and then “knighted” into the society. We will also have dinner there with our parents and peers. I am so looking forward to it!” 

Says VP Anna Kadet, regarding the upcoming event. The ceremony is focused on recognizing the students who were invited to the society and will include a Maggiano’s catered dinner.  

Congratulations to every student invited. 

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