Harry Styles Concert Review


Sydney Appleton

The crowd at Madison Square Garden sings along as Harry Styles performs his hit song, Satellite. Scroll to learn more about Harry and his concert residency.

If you want the experience of a lifetime, get tickets to one of Harry Styles’s residency shows.  

As a diehard Harry fan, being able to attend one of Harry’s 15 consecutive shows in New York City was unreal. This was my second Styles concert, as I saw him perform in Tampa in 2021. However, I have been a fan of Harry and his music since 2011 and he was a member of the popular boyband, One Direction.  

I attended the show with my mom and sister. Being able to have them there with me while we belted our favorite songs was such a memorable experience. When we all arrived at the arena, Madison Square Garden, I immediately felt a rush of emotions. I felt excited and ecstatic, as well as grateful that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the concert. 

After walking through the building and pushing our way through hordes of people, we were able to get to our seats. We sat in the 100 section of the lower bowl, which allowed us to get a thorough view of the entire stage, as well as the audience. Before the show, it is typical that Harry will have his favorite songs (not ones that he has written) blasting on the speakers. This got the energy going in the audience before he came on stage. 

After the pre-show playlist concluded, the lights in the arena turned off and the show began. Harry came into the audience’s view from an opening below the stage. With modern technology, he was able to rise out from beneath the floor so that the audience could see him. He opened the concert with the song “Daydreaming,” which is a new song from his latest album, Harry’s House. He wrote the album during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdowns and released it in May of this year.  

After the first song concluded, Harry continued the show by performing a mix of songs from each of his three independent albums. In addition to these tracks, he even performed “What Makes You Beautiful,” which was the song that made Harry famous as a boy band singer back in 2011.  

My favorite songs performed from the entire show were Golden, Sign of the Times, Satellite and Matilda. 

I had heard Golden and Sign of the Times before at the first Harry show that I attended in Tampa, but his performances of these songs were even more superb this time around. The drum portion of Sign of the Times gave me chills, as the sound was so intense and strong. The band, which performs with Harry at each show and has gained fame over the years for their notable performances, always makes the performance of Golden memorable with their high-pitched backup vocals.  

I had yet to hear Satellite and Matilda live prior to the residency show that I attended because they were two of the tracks that were released on the new album. Satellite is the kind of song that has several different demeanors. It starts off with a slow and reserved tempo, but when the beat drops towards the bridge of the song, it becomes magical and uplifting. When it came time for Harry to perform Matilda, I was in tears. Harry sang the line, “you don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up,” and I was immediately touched. Although the song is emotional and somber, it was one of my favorites from the entire show because of its uniqueness that none of the other songs have.  

Overall, the experience of attending a Harry Styles concert is like a dream. The residency shows, specifically, are a dream that is like no other. 

The residency tour is still going on, as Harry is currently in residency in Los Angeles. For more information on tickets to shows, merchandise, and all things Harry Styles, click the link below.