Taylor Swift Album Ranking


Taylor Swift just released her tenth album in October. Read about each album Swift has released since her debut in 2006.

Since 2006, Taylor Swift has been releasing record-breaking albums. She has put out ten albums, with her most recent, Midnights, coming out October 21st. She started as a country singer and, over a decade later, has come out with albums across many genres. She is known for her amazing lyrics and is said to be one of the best songwriters of our generation. It’s hard to rank an artist’s albums with many different types of music. 

10. Evermore- While putting this last contradicts my number two pick, it felt different. I enjoyed the songs as I do on every Taylor Swift album. It wouldn’t be the first album I would go to. I end up skipping most of the songs on the album.  

9. Taylor Swift- Her debut album. The songs I like are some of my favorite songs, but compared to the amount I skip, it doesn’t even out. Since this was her first album, she was trying to go the country route; as someone who doesn’t enjoy country music often, I still listen to this album often.   

8. Lover- I see why this album gets so much love, but I prefer a different era. It was refreshing to change the pace from sadder songs to more upbeat love songs. It was a complete 180 from the album coming before it, Reputation.  

7. 1989- One of the most beloved albums, winning album of the year at the Grammys in 2016. A different vibe than we were used to, dropping all ties with the country and releasing a full-blown pop album. Of course, incorporating different types of pop, with dance-pop songs like “Shake it off” and more sophisticated songs like “Out of the Woods.”  

6. Reputation- A complete switch from her other albums, and everyone, including myself, loved it. You get to see a side of the artist you don’t see often. It had a purpose, a more bitter and vengeful meaning. Reputation didn’t give the mind-blowing songs and lyrics we usually get from Taylor Swift, but it was still one of her best.

5. Midnights- Her most recent album. It really ties all her albums together, with all the different types of music on it. It is her most mature album as she has grown with her music; it seems more personal than her past work. In the “3 a.m.” version, she adds songs that only make it go even deeper into Swift’s thoughts.

4. Fearless- Only her second album holds some of her most popular songs. Even someone who doesn’t know a lot of Taylor Swift songs knows songs from the album. Songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” are staples. There are quite a few songs on her I would skip, but in relation to the ones I wouldn’t, it makes up for it.  

3. Red- One of her most iconic albums. Making red her color, with the red lip and the “not a lot going on at the moment” t-shirt. It started the switch from country to pop. She re-recorded this album second, and it reminded me why I loved this era all over again, especially when I heard the song “from the vault.” The most anticipated song on the re-recording was “All Too Well (10-Minute Version),” which exceeded my expectations.  

2. Folklore- This album was the first to bring her into the folk genre. While it is seen as a sister album with evermore, it stands out in its own way. Taylor Swift is known for having deeper meanings in everything she does, and I believe in the album she does it in every song, and they get better the more you look into

1. Speak Now- The third album to be released, and I can confidently say my favorite. I can’t think of any song that I would automatically skip. I know many people enjoy this album, but it holds some of her most underrated songs like “Haunted” and “Long live.” Many people think this album will be the next re-recorded based on some of the “easter eggs” Swift left in her most recent music video.