Florida Midterm Election Results


Sydney Appleton

Last week the midterm elections took place. Scroll to learn more about Florida’s election results.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the midterm elections took place. Gov., House, and Senate races took hold of many Floridians’ attention for the entire night and even kept many occupied for days after. Nationally, each state had varying results when it came to the political parties that won the races, which surprised many Americans. The predictions of citizens were all different. Some expected a red wave, meaning that Republicans would win most races, while there was also talk of Democrats taking success.   

For Floridians, the results of the races were straight forward and determined early on the night of the election.   

The Gubernatorial race was a fight between current Gov. Ron Desantis and Former Gov. Charlie Crist. DeSantis kept his position as governor and had 59% of the votes.   

As far as the Senate races, Sen. Marco Rubio kept his seat. He ran against Val Demmings. He won the race with 57.7% Floridians voting for him.   

The House races were complicated, as there were 28 districts across the states that had races. 20 of those 28 races were won by Republicans, while the remaining 8 were won by members of the Democratic Party.    

This year’s midterm elections posed many questions for the future of the state of Florida. Many now wonder how things like abortion, education, and taxes will change for everyone in the state of Florida. The future of the state will be determined by administrations and leaders.   

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