Ranking the Harry Potter Characters


Bella Mangione

Harry Potter is known for its amazing plot; however, the true magic lies in the well-written characters. These characters are what makes the stories so engaging, and their personalities only make it that much better.

#1 Hermione Granger 

Hermione Granger is the definition of a girl boss in the Harry Potter movies. She knows the answer to every question and can get the trio (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and herself) out of every bad situation they get themselves into. Hermione never lets Draco Malfoy’s bullying affect her self-esteem, which is challenging when he calls her a “Mudblood” every chance he gets. She also got tortured by the Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, and as a result, she has the word Mudblood carved into her left arm. It is because of these events that Hermione earned the spot of number one on the list. Her resilience and bravery are inspiring to watch, and she serves as a great role model to all the little girls that watch the Harry Potter movies.  

#2 Luna Lovegood 

Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters because of her optimistic perspective on negative events. For example, the first movie she is in is (Order of the Phoenix) in this book/movie, she gets her shoes stolen then later on in the plot, all of her belongings go missing as well. When Harry says how horrible it is, she replies, “Oh, it is all good fun.” This shows her unique take on her classmates taking her clothes and shoes. Besides her fierce optimism, she is also very kind to everyone, including elves, who are considered slaves/vermin. In the seventh movie (Deathly Hallows pt. 1), she calls Dobby the elf “Sir,” which is never a name used on house elves which he acknowledges. 

#3 Harry Potter 

After all that Harry has been through, it would be wrong to exclude him from the list. Harry’s perseverance throughout the movies is truly inspiring, considering all the traumatic events he experienced. For example, his parents dying, his Godfather dying, getting hunted and tortured by Voldemort, and watching his friend Cedric die. Also, Harry retains his moral high ground even though he had many chances to kill the Death Eaters, which put his and his friends’ lives in danger. It is because of all of these qualities that he possesses that Harry, like Hermione, is an excellent example of someone to look up to. Junior Emily Mangione said, “Harry is my favorite character because he has been through so much and still manages to fight for what he believes in and protect the people that he cares about even if it means sacrificing himself in the end.” 

#4 Severus Snape 

While Severus Snape is not the majority of fans’ favorite, he is essential to the plot and fascinating when you try to learn about him. Throughout the movies/books, Snape is seen as the villain that is frequently a suspect when something goes wrong at Hogwarts. In the last book, his true motive was revealed, which was dedicating his life to protecting Harry. Audiences also learn he was in love with Lily Potter (Harry’s mom). Also, it is shown how much James Potter (Harry’s dad) bullied Snape and made fun of him. This shifts everyone’s perspective of Snape because, throughout the books, he is seen as the villain or at least someone that is very suspicious, but now we see that he is the victim of James’ abuse. The secrecy of Snape’s identity makes him one of the most entertaining characters and, in my opinion, the one that carries the plot, especially in the last two books/three movies. 

#5 Molly Weasley 

Molly Weasley is very underappreciated. She provides for her family, makes sure each of her kids and Harry has at least one Christmas present every year despite their constant financial problems, and in the last movie, she saves her daughter, Ginny, from being killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. Molly Weasley is a prime example of selflessness when taking care of her kids and ensuring they have everything they need. In the fourth movie, she sends Ron his dress robe in preparation for the upcoming Yule Ball. Even though he did not like it, it was because of her that he had something to wear to the ball in general, and this is what he failed to consider when he was complaining about its appearance. 

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