Senior Spotlight Football: Darrion Jenkins and Jaquez Kindell


Lucas Howes

Wide receivers, Darrion Jenkins and Jaquez Kindell, stand side by side during their senior interview. Both seniors are wide receivers starters on the football team, and they helped push the team into the playoffs.

In an interview with seniors Darrion Jenkins and Jaquez Kindell, they reflected on their time on the Plant football team and the memories that they have made.  

“I’m going to miss the locker room,” Jenkins said. “I am going to miss everyone before in the games in the locker room getting ready for the game. It’s fun being a part of the team, something bigger than yourself.” Jenkins has had a season full of new personal records, with four touchdowns and over 200 yards.   

Moving on to the other senior, Jaquez Kindell, who has 11 total touchdowns, 74.7 receiving yards per game, and 23.3 rushing yards per game, so far this season. “I will miss playing in the stadium, where everyone is there for the team. I love being on the field and making our fans proud.”  

Both seniors reflected on their favorite coaches and how they shaped them. Jenkins said, “My favorite coach is probably Coach Seckar; he motivates me a lot and helps me do better on the field.”  

“I like Coach Mike,” Kindell said. “He always helps me feel like a better player, and he is so passionate about the team and the sport.”  

Both players stated they are interested in playing in college, but no college has explicitly caught their attention.   

“It is exciting to think about playing in college,” Jenkins said. “But I want to go wherever I can find the opportunity.”  

Both players mentioned that they would miss the team and school as they head off to their new life chapter.