Olivia: Redesigned Modern Italian Cuisine


Emily Mangione

If you are interested in high-quality Italian dishes, then head over to Olivia. This restaurant is sure to have something on the menu to satisfy your cravings and leave you with a great experience.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

The Italian restaurant Olivia is located at the intersection of Swann and Henderson. Before Olivia was introduced to the Tampa Bay area, the Carmel restaurant was in its place. Carmel was a fan favorite to many Tampaians until it closed. Once shut down, the building went under major remodels and now looks like a brand-new place. 

Olivia has a vast menu, ranging from diverse pizza options to unique pasta dishes. While attending dinner, we ordered two appetizers of garlic bread and truffle fries. One of the beneficial aspects of the appetizers was the size portion they came in. At dinner, there were nine girls, and we purchased two orders of garlic bread and truffle fries. There was plenty of food and enough for everyone to return for seconds.  

Once we finished the appetizers, it was time to decide which entrée to enjoy. Since Olivia is known for their Italian cuisine, it was a clear choice between pizza and pasta. The hard part is deciding which flavor or sauce to get since there are so many options. 

I split the margherita pizza with my friend, which easily fed the both of us. Once everyone cleared their plate, the waiter brought the dessert menu filled with many sweets to satisfy us after a savory meal. After, we purchased a couple of orders of tiramisu and chocolate cake. The service was fast, and the food left everyone full and happy. 

Not only did the restaurant have high-quality food, but it also provided a good environment for dinner and pictures. The interior has dim lighting, creating a calm atmosphere while guests eat. Also, the outside of the building provides a good background for people interested in taking pictures after their meal. Olivia, the classy modern restaurant, is popular and a nice change from the usual Italian restaurants- adding elegance and a modern twist to the dishes.  

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