Homemade Christmas Cookies



With Christmas right around the corner, this month can become overwhelming. What better way to relax than make some homemade Christmas cookies?

The holiday season is right around the corner. And in the spirit of the holidays, an important family tradition of mine is to bake Christmas cookies and distribute them to family and friends. Each year is filled with trial and error to try and perfect the multitude of recipes that fill cookbooks and websites. And after years and years of baking, I have come up with the best Christmas cookies that range from family-friendly to more extreme.

Buckeyes: Personally, I am not a huge fan of peanut butter, and if you are allergic to nuts, this cookie is not for you. But the buckeye cookie is well-loved by many. It is a peanut butter and rice crispy treat base covered in a rich chocolate coating and placed in the freezer overnight. No baking is necessary with this cookie; however, the melted chocolate can sometimes get messy.

Classic Sugar Cookie: You can’t go wrong with a classic sugar cookie. The batter is easy to handle and bake, and there are many ways to incorporate the holiday season within the cookies. A simple way is to use Christmas-themed cookie cutters and decorate the cookie with icing that reflects the Christmas spirit when they have cooled off. It is most popular with younger kids mainly because they have free range with the decoration portion! 

Lemon Squares: Lemon is one of my all-time favorite flavors when it comes to desserts, which is why I adore this cookie so much. When my dad and I bake this cookie, the entire house smells of lemon. It could be a more popular flavor with younger kids, and many have to acquire a taste to enjoy this cookie, but it is one of the best. They are made with a buttery shortbread base and a fresh lemon filling with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. The baking can sometimes get messy, but the result is worth it.

Reindeer Food Cookie: There isn’t much decorating that goes along with making this cookie; however, kids always love it! Now, it’s up to debate whether this is classified as a cookie, but regardless, its taste is unquestionably good. Crushed-up pretzels and M & M’s iced with oats and a chocolate coating rolled into a ball; you can’t go wrong!

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