Homecoming Recap


Emily Mangione

On Dec. 3, Plant High School hosted the annual homecoming dance. Homecoming included dancing on the dance floor, taking pictures with friends, and having fun.

At 8 p.m. on Dec. 3, the doors were open, and Plant High School’s event of the season got kicked off. In a matter of minutes, the parking lot was buzzing with people dancing, loud music blaring over the speakers, and hundreds of students socializing with their peers.  

The turnout for this homecoming was a success, with hundreds of students buying tickets and dressing up in their best outfits. While looking at the crowd, it was noticeable everyone was having a blast dancing to popular songs and having a great time with their friends or date. 

Most people went to have dinner before the dance started. Some of the restaurants that students attended were Ava, Kotos, Bella Brava, American Social, and Forbici. Also, before or after dinner is time for taking pictures with your group or date.  

While at the dance, there was a booth in the back with refreshments being chaperoned by adults. The available food and drinks were small sandwiches, chips, cookies, and water (which ran out before the night was over).  

Next to the refreshment booth was a new addition to the homecoming dance. There was an attraction for students who stood in a group of up to four people and posed while a camera rotated around them in a full circle, getting all the angles. This wide-range camera creates a slow-motion video of the group’s poses and leaves them with a funny video to remember the night they had.  

The DJ was excellent and played popular songs that almost everyone knew and could sing along to while dancing their heart out simultaneously. There were multiple rap songs to pump up the crowd and some old throwback songs added to the playlist. Music is the key to making a party fun, and the music at homecoming did not disappoint. 

Junior Ryan Lamont said, “Homecoming was an incredibly fun experience. The dance floor was awesome, and I thought it was run really well. I cannot wait to go next year!” 

Plant High School’s 2022 homecoming was one for the books and will be remembered by all who attended the unforgettable night. From hours spent dancing on the dance floor to socializing with fellow peers, homecoming was a success. 

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