The CDC Updates Masking Guidlines


Sydney Appleton

The CDC has updated its masking guidelines and is now urging people in high-risk areas to wear masks indoors and/or in crowded areas.

Sydney Appleton, News Editor

Now that the holiday season is in full effect, concerns about contracting illnesses are growing in the community. The fear of becoming sick before a holiday gathering is felt by many and is even becoming a reality. Diseases such as influenza, COVID-19, the common cold, and RSV are making a comeback in record numbers, leaving many people ill and contagious for the holidays. Local hospitals have seen surges in respiratory related illnesses since the beginning of flu season, but recently the numbers have been increasing quickly. 

The CDC and other health organizations are warning that we may witness a ‘tripledemic’ this winter. What this means is, our nation and globe could face times that are comparable to the height of the COVID-19 pandemic but with many more highly contagious viruses circulating as well. With these large increases in respiratory-related illness cases, the CDC has decided to update its face mask guidelines to slow the spread and flatten the curve.  

The new guidelines urge Americans that are in high-risk areas to mask up while indoors and while in crowded settings. This is a change from recent guidelines, as masks have not been recommended for several weeks in certain areas. The recommendation to receive all available vaccines remains in place for almost all age groups.  

These steps may be challenging for some but can create a safer environment for many.  

For more details on the new guidelines and how to prevent becoming ill this holiday season, click the link below.