Five Ways to Self-Improve in 2023


Luka Vaicekauskas

Whether being a new year’s resolution-maker or not, the month of January is often a time to reflect and create new habits to make the new year as best as it can be. By following these 5 simple steps, one can not only become a better version of oneself, but too healthier and happier in 2023.

As January 1st comes and the year number changes, individuals often decide to change their ways to where they are closer to becoming the best version of themselves. Whether small things such as making one’s bed in the morning or bigger goals like donating to an organization, a new year can mean more significant motivation to become a better version of oneself. 

Here are 5 ways to make 2023 a year of changes: 

1. Create a workout routine: 

Whether you play a competitive sport or go to the gym regularly, creating a routine can be a good disciplinary way of sticking two the goals. For example, go to a yoga class once a week, or run an extra mile, as bay steps lead to mountains climbed.  

2. Get rid of unnecessary things: 

Less is more, and if your closet looks a little overfilled, it might be time to donate or sell your clothes. Sites such as Poshmark and Vinted are easy ways to upload clothing pieces and earn extra money and closet space.  

3. Find comfort in literature: 

With the hectic school schedule and extracurricular activities, reading and journaling might be set aside. However, journaling for 5 minutes daily or reading 10 pages of an enjoyable book can be self-fulfilling and a step closer to your wellness journey. 

4. Set a screen time: 

After school, it might feel tempting to indulge in mindless scrolling through social media, which could later distract one from academics. Putting screen time for a certain app or for a period of time might allow one to be more productive, self-disciplined, and happier, as social media can become claustrophobic and distracting.  

5. Find ways to give back to your community: 

Helping the community one is part of can be not only rewarding but too inspiring. Whether it is setting a service hour goal and volunteering, adopting a new animal from a local shelter, or supporting local shops in Tampa, these are all ways one can not only connect with the community but as well benefit.  

While it may sound cliché, a new year is a new beginning. Time to eliminate bad habits and customs and work towards becoming the best version of oneself. 

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