Top things to do in Tampa


Sydney Appleton

Tampa, Florida is continuing to develop and grow each day. To learn more about the best places in the Tampa Bay area, as well as what to do in the city, continue reading.

Over the last few decades, the city of Tampa has grown tremendously and continues to amaze people all around the globe. Not only is it a popular travel destination for tourists, but it is also home to nearly 3 million Floridians. However, this number continues to grow each year as the appeal of the city is strong.  

People from all around the country, and even the world, are moving to “Champa Bay” because of the numerous things it has to offer. The adoration of the city comes from the several auras it displays. It has a tropical feel, while also providing a big city environment. Because of this, it is very hard to become bored when in the Bay Area.  

Tampa has countless amounts of activities to participate in, restaurants to eat at, as well as acres of nature to explore. For the ultimate Tampa tour guide, continue reading.  

One thing Tampa is known for is its amazing sports teams. With the Rays for baseball, the Bucs for football, and the Lightning for hockey, there are always sports games or events happening locally.Tampa got its name of “Champa Bay” because in 2020, all the major league sports teams made it to some sort of final or championship. The Bucs won the super bowl, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup (2 years in a row), and the Rays made it to the World Series. To get tickets to a sports event in the Tampa area, click the following link. 

On top of great sports, Tampa has tons of great opportunities for good food. There are many local small business restaurants that have gained success over the years. The SOHO area, which is located near Bayshore Blvd., offers anything from Mexican food to burgers. There is a restaurant or café here for any kind of eater. For SOHO restaurants, click the following link. 

Many travel to the city because of its short distance from some of the best beaches in the nation. Clearwater, St. Pete, and Indian Rocks are just a few of the amazing beaches that are just a short 30 minute drive from Downtown Tampa. To learn more about the amazing Tampa beaches, click the following link. 

Tampa is a fantastic city, as it continues to grow each day. The population is increasing, which means all aspects of the city will continue to develop. Traveling to Tampa can offer a great vacation opportunity and could even open your eyes to an extraordinary place to call home.