Sweetgreen Review


Giada Moralejo

Located across the street from Armature works, a new restaurant just opened. Sweetgreen is the latest bowl restaurant in Tampa. If you are looking for a healthy fast lunch or dinner, try out Sweetgreen.

Giada Moralejo, Social Media Manager

Around Tampa Bay, build-your-own-bowl restaurants are some of the most popular, and another just opened on December 13. Sweetgreen just came to Tampa across the street from Armature works in the Tampa Heights area. Sweetgreen is like most other bowl restaurants, but there are more options to get a premade bowl than just the build-your-own option.  

Sweetgreen first opened in Washington D.C. and has now spread all over the country, opening 979 different locations in 14 states.   

When you first walk in, there is a long counter with all the options you can get in your bowl. I got a “build your own warm bowl,” which includes lettuce, a type of grain, protein, a choice of a wide variety of toppings, and a dressing. The bowl is a significant amount, leading to the end price being over ten dollars for a basic bowl. I personally did not enjoy it enough to be spending that much on something closely resembling a simple salad.   

Overall, I wouldn’t say I had a bad experience and didn’t enjoy the food; it just didn’t live up to my expectations, as I had heard many positive reviews. To give them the benefit of the doubt, new restaurants often need more time to get their feet on the ground so that I won’t judge too harshly.   

If someone is looking for a simple basic healthy option, I think Sweetgreen could be an excellent place to try. They have something for all sorts of dietary needs, and I’m sure everyone could find something they like.   

Try it out!