University of Tennessee Review


Emily Mangione

The University of Tennessee is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is a popular college, and it offers many career paths to lead students in the right direction.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

The beautiful college campus of the University of Tennessee is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. With an acceptance rate of 74.9% and a GPA requirement of 3.5, it is home to 33,805 students as of 2022.   

  The campus is located next to the downtown area of Knoxville, so it feels open to the main population. Furthermore, behind the football stadium is the famous Tennessee River, where people tailgate and show up to games by boat. After driving through the downtown area to get to campus grounds, there is a large park that holds festivals and events for the people of Knoxville.  

While visiting the college, my family and I parked next to the football stadium to get out and look around the campus. When we looked at the massive stadium, we realized the doors were open. It was a once in a lifetime experience walking on the field and soaking in how huge it is from the inside.  

The campus itself was beautiful, especially during the Christmas season. All the buildings and landscape are covered in a soft layer of snow, creating a picturesque scene for the college students to enjoy. Since I visited the University of Tennessee over Christmas break, the campus has been very deserted. Most of the campus stores and restaurants were closed until the students returned.  

Senior Bella Mangione said, “I thought the University of Tennessee has many similarities to the campus of Florida State because of the continuous red brick buildings. Also, there were many restaurants surrounding the campus, making it easier for students to find food.” 

The University of Tennessee is known for its spectacular research institution, information sciences, engineering, law, and business administration. There are numerous programs for students to engage in to decipher which career path is the right choice.  

The University of Tennessee would be a great college to attend. It combines the feel of a country and city environment simultaneously by being surrounded by country music and mountains while also within walking distance of the downtown buildings.  

Overall, the college was beautiful, especially during the winter season, and I can see why many students would want to attend. I can imagine the stadium going crazy during football games and the unforgettable memories created there.  

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