Grove Park Inn Review


Bella Mangione

The Grove Park Inn is located in the mountains of Asheville, NC. It is a family-friendly hotel that has been open since 1913 and includes many amenities like a sports complex and spa.

The Grove Park Inn is unlike other hotels because of its long history and the activities provided to guests. The Grove Park Inn has been open since 1913 and has had movies, including Dirty Dancing, filmed on the premises. Furthermore, several celebrities have stayed at the hotel, including Jennifer Lawrence, Thomas Edison, and Barack Obama, among others, that are located on their celebrity wall. 

During my visit, there was the National Gingerbread House Competition, and guests got to see different houses made, including the winner who had the Darling siblings and Peter Pan flying around the city of London trying to escape Captain Hook, who was on one of the rooftops. These gingerbread houses line several hallways of the hotel and allow guests to see them on their way to dinner or their rooms. 

Junior Emily Mangione said, “The Grove Park Inn was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. There were many amenities and activities to participate in while staying there.” 

Among other attractions, the hotel also offers hot chocolate from a stand made entirely of gingerbread. So, it is, in fact, a life-size gingerbread house. Since the line took up the majority of the lobby, we had our hot chocolate at one of the coffee shops in the hotel, which was a lot more affordable. 

The Grove Park Inn also has a sports complex which is not attached to the building; it is past the parking lot. However, it includes tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, ping pong and pool tables, among other things. You could spend an entire day in this building and never get bored because there is so much to do. 

Lastly, there was a spa that was the most extensive one I have ever been in, and it took $50 million to build. It is made of stone, and as you walk around, you go through hallways that feel like tunnels because there are some small waterfalls and pretty lights illuminating the stone walls. This spa also includes pool areas and many massage and body treatments. 

Overall, The Grove Park Inn is a fantastic experience because of the number of activities you can participate in without even leaving the hotel. There is something for everyone, no matter what season it is when you visit. 

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