Noble Rice Review


Emily Mangione

Noble Rice, located in Sparkman Wharf, is known for its traditional Japanese sushi. This restaurant is located next to the entertainment on the water and is a great place for dinner.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

Opened in 2020, the new modern Japanese restaurant, Noble Rice, opened to the Tampa Bay community. The location of Noble Rice is excellent because it is in Sparkman Wharf, and there are plenty of activities to participate in before and after eating. When I first walked in, I was greeted by a long sushi bar where customers were enjoying their meals.   

I was seated at the sushi bar, which was a great place to sit because we watched the professional chefs make the sushi right in front of us. The menu was vast, with many sushi and other typical Japanese dishes. I was shocked by how many kinds of sushi were available since I had never heard of half of them.  

I ordered the King Salmon roll. This particular sushi roll consists of salmon, rice, and seaweed sprinkled with arugula on the top. Furthermore, each sushi plate has a custom dipping sauce specific to that order. I tried the spicy mayo and the unique soy sauce that comes with my sushi plate.  

After we finished our sushi, we ordered a Ramen bowl to split. The bowl was much bigger than I expected and could feed many people. It comes in very spicy and medium spicy; I got the medium spicy, and it was delicious.  

The service was very quick and always ready to provide customers with clean plates and utensils in preparation for their next round of food. The restaurant environment was clean and lavishly decorated with wood, giving off a calm aroma to eat in. Noble Rice is a popular dinner spot, so booking reservations ahead of time is a smart choice. 

I recommend trying out Noble Rice for the vast sushi options and other signature Japanese cuisines. After we finished our meal, we walked around Sparkman Wharf since the restaurant’s location is close to other amenities. Noble Rice serves fantastic sushi and is a great new restaurant to the Tampa Bay area. 

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