Climate Change


Molly Hill

There are a lot of people that think that our planet is already long gone. However, there is still a lot that people can do.

Climate change and global warming has been debated on if it is a necessary issue to worry about nowadays or not. There has been speculation as to if it even exists, however as time moves on and people keep ignoring it it is only becoming more dire, and our time that we have to save our planet is slowly dwindling.

It is unknown how much of climate change is completely due to human activity, however I think a general conclusion can be made that human activity, the large boom in factories, cars, and other modern tech that helps us, but deteriorates the state of the planet is a big puzzle piece in the whole thing. There are lots of small things that one can do in order to preserve what little we have left, and it can start right at home. Things as simple as avoiding plastic water bottles, and if you absolutely have to, reusing plastic water bottles, turning off electricity after excessive use and recycling everything one can remember.

It may not seem like a lot, but as everything, it piles up and can make a huge difference. Though cities being built around the convenience of cars is much more common now, it’s important to also walk when you can and bike around to reduce the amount of pollution that is being released into the atmosphere. Eating fruits and vegetables also helps as well and is very healthy for yourself!

Boosting organizations and charities whose job it is to spread awareness is important as well. We all have our own lives, and even if we can’t dedicate everything into saving our planet it is important to just acknowledge it. Some very big ones are found at and